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September 7, 2010

Back to School in Hillingdon

It’s that time again – schools go back for a brand new year and everyone tries to get out of summer holiday mode and get back to the organised and structured day they remember having 6 weeks before!

Hillingdon is one of the biggest boroughs in London and it has a big population and the last census in 2001 had Hillingdon down with a population of just under a quarter of a million people. It’s no surprise then to know that the London borough of Hillingdon also has around 60+ schools.

Getting back into the swing of things may take time, especially if you have been off with the kids all summer and have been takings things easy with lazy mornings and late nights. Now the organisation has to start again and sometimes it takes a few weeks to get back into a routine! In the meantime there may be lots of rushing around, being late for school and running out of the house without your house keys……

Don’t let your house keys or car keys be one of the things you forget to pick up in the morning!

Keep your house keys in a safe place. It’s not advisable to keep them too near the front door and definitely nowhere in view should an opportunist burglar be looking through your letterbox and try to get as many things as possible prepared the night before such as lunches, clean clothes, homework etc.

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