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June 25, 2010

How many people have a set of keys to YOUR home?

A question so many of us take for granted. But the truth is, unless you get the locks changed you will never know. A massive piece of advice from me, a qualified locksmith with over ten years of experience, get it done.

So you just spent thousands of your hard earned pounds on a deposit, slaving every month to pay the mortgage and you actually have no idea how many sets of your home keys are out there? Where anyone could walk in without any hassle into your safe place and access all personal belongings with no trouble at all. In fact, you and your family could even be at risk. We would first be thinking about previous tenants and tenants before those tenants, then we would expand and think friends and family of all those tenants. Estate agents? Workman? Cleaners? Neighbours? The list is endless and the truth is you can naver be too sure.
We are in a recession people which has lead to a massive rise in theft and burglaries all over Britain. People out there are getting laid off and forced pay- cuts left, right and centre, so imagine if your keys were in the hands of someone in desperate times. I am called out all the time to people after break-ins and roughly 95% of the victims have never given their security a second thought, just assuming that they were secure.

A lot of security firms out there can offer a free home security check and let you know exactly where you stand with your security. They would let you know what you need to do and how much it would cost. Even if you took their advice, bought the locks and fiited them yourself.

Most houses would have at least three external door locks and flats would have two. If you had one existing lock on each external door changed, you would be elimating the threat of anyone entering with total ease. They still could bypass the old locks but would have a bit of work cut out accessing, depending on the particular lock left vulnerable.

Our homes are our safe place, security should be number one priority when our families and belongings are involved.
I am seeing too many people in distress and having to live in fear after they have been robbed. Feeling guilty yet stupid and then going totally over board on security, which is not a bad thing but is sad to see everyday.

If you want a free no obligation home security review then give me a call today. As a Locksmith Hillingdon, I offer locksmith services including changing locks, fitting alarms, safes, security bars, gates and grilles and cover the Hillingdon, Richmond and Hounslow areas.

April 19, 2010

Locksmith Blog

Welcome to the Locksmith Blog home of 1st Response Locksmith Alan Burton!

I’ve not long set up my Locksmith blog and very shortly I’ll be blogging about my work as a Locksmith as well as a variety of associated and related issues such as Home Security, Auto Security and anything else I think may be of interest to a growing audience of readers!

Get sociable and feel free to send me your feedback and comments about my Locksmith Blog.

Cheers, Alan

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