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October 9, 2013

Car keys replaced… On the spot!!!

Our dedicated auto locksmith team are number 1 when it comes to replacing car keys. We thrive in being the quickest and cheapest around. Our engineers specialize in replacing lost car or van keys all over the South-East. To give you an idea on how we operate- if you had lost car keys in Sunbury, we could be with you within ten minutes and have your car keys replaced within half an hour. All this at a fraction of the cost of the main dealer. Most dealers have to order your key in, which can take up to three weeks! They then require you to have your car towed to them so they can then carry out the necessary programming. Sounds like a whole lot of work, when you could have it done within an hour eh?

Most drivers don’t realise that legally, since 1998, manufacturers have had to install immobilisers on all cars and vans. Which means that your car key most likely has a very small chip inside it called a transponder. When you insert your key in the ignition, an aerial around the ignition reads the information held on your transponder. If this transponder has not been diagnostically programmed to your car, then it will not start. Our team carry the most advanced programming equipment to enable us to program keys to almost any car. Look out for our car locksmith in Staines, Hounslow, Heathrow and Surrey.

Have you got a spare car key? Did you know that we always offer special prices and discounts on spare car keys in the Surrey and Middlesex areas? This could save you time and money, should you ever lose or break your existing key. Perfect if you need a car key replacement in Sunbury, Hounslow, Staines, Heathrow or Hillingdon.

August 6, 2013

Lost car keys

Have you ever lost your car keys? If you have you will know just how frustrating it is! Not only are you stuck without your car but your dealer is probably telling you that it will be over two weeks before they can do anything about it. You have also probably been told you will have to have your vehicle towed home and then towed to the dealer in two weeks time, once your key has arrived in. We advise that you should have a spare key at home to avoid this situation.

Our auto locksmith team works in London, Surrey and surrounding counties dealing with lost car keys. We are able to replace your car key there and then. We only use genuine remotes as well so its an even better service than the dealer. Usually we are cheaper as well. We deal with lost Ford car keys, lost BMW car keys and lost Vauxhall keys to name a few makes. We cut brand new genuine keys to most cars and vans on the road including Nissans, Mazdas and Renaults.

We are the cheapest and quickest car locksmith firm around, with a number of engineers at the ready to make sure we offer the best service. Our direct number is 07947229162 if you have keys locked in the boot, need a spare car key cut or have lost car keys.

June 21, 2013

Still the No.1 24 hour locksmiths

We still remain to provide a genuine locksmith and auto locksmith service 24 hours a day. We have found that most other companies claim to provide a skilled service 24 hours a day but in-fact, many do not operate 24 hours a day and the others can not provide a skilled service! Although most people will only need a locksmith once or twice in their life time, its so important to have a genuine, trustworthy number to hand. The last thing you need in a stressful situation is a call centre or under-qualified engineer messing you around. You could end up waiting a lot longer than you’ve been told and paying a lot more than you have been quoted.

Our 24 hour team are always ready to provide the highest locksmith service at reasonable prices. Daily our auto locksmiths remain to replace lost car keys, cut spare car keys and open locked cars where the keys have been locked inside. We offer key programming on the widest range of cars and vans including BMW, Fiat, Iveco, Toyota, Vauxhall and Ford’s to name a few. Normally you would only find keys locked inside a BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes or Audi but it can also happen on some other models of cars. You can contact our emergency locksmith team on 07947229162 24 hours a day if you are in an emergency situation….

Whereas our domestic locksmiths are attending lock out situations, repairing faulty locks and upgrading locks in homes across the South-East. Our specialist team also install intruder alarms,  deal with burglary repairs and replace damaged front doors.

If you need an emergency car locksmith in Staines then call us now on 07947229162

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